If so, who? The list of suspects is a mile long of course. Some people say it was the recent LIV Golf tournament where the stolen classified documents were to be turned over, and that there was potentially a rat that informed the highest echelons of the FBI that classified documents were about to be sold.

The 2 billion dollar Saudi investment into Jared Kushner was likely the payment for said documents, and the golf tournament was where the documents would be handed over.

Former US president Donald Trump, left, talks with Yasir al-Rumayyan, center, governor of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, center, and Majed Al-Sorour, CEO of Golf Saudi, on the 16th hole during Friday’s first round. Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP

Other people say that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was launched hastily because these highly classified documents were going straight to Vladimir Putin. No matter, the pundits of twitter law are saying this raid was more than just a standard raid to retrieve documents that Trump had refused for 18 months to turn over to the National Archives. According to many of them, there had to be more of a reason to go after Trump in that way.

Another potential avenue is that what Trump had was classified intelligence on numerous Republicans and various governments he could blackmail. Note how the entire GOP has pretty much went from being apocalyptic over Hillary’s emails in 2016, to completely being Ok with Trump stealing classified documents and taking them outside of the SCIF and placing them in an un-secure hotel safe.

It’s a known fact that Trump has always had dirt on anyone he encounters or does business with. And if that’s true, he may in fact have a lot of dirt on all these usual suspect Republicans who always seem to be as outraged as Trump is about any given situation. They seem to bend over and take it up the ass for Trump no matter what. Were they compromised long ago?

Now the latest on this story is they doxxed the federal magistrate who signed off on the search warrant. Not only did he give Obama 1000,00 dollars back when he was running for President, he even paled around with Jeffery Epstein, as if that is something that is going to work when Trump himself palled around with Jeffery Epstein.

New York Post Article on Raid

The dirt diggers are in full swing here, which proves the point that when Trump is attacked or disrespected by anyone they suddenly find themselves out of a job or worse, attacked and run out of town. This is Trump’s style of running things. Thus these documents Trump had may have been used to blackmail people or even government leaders of other nations.

It also could have been a pay for play deal where Trump was selling access or the documents themselves to the highest bidder. In Trump world nothing is off limits.

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