Its Ron Desantis showing his muscles or lack of them again. Oh pray tell how is it he’s so upset that drag queen shows are being shown to the children!!! OMG, not the children!!!

You know the ones who’ve been shot all over the country in schools? Yes, Desantis doesn’t give two fucks for them, no siree bob. Desantis only cares that children will see old aunt Mary parading around in pasties and a long dress. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! THINK OF WHAT THEY WILL SEE!!!!!

The complaint says after a July 3 video seen on social media and various websites showed a dancer with bare buttocks, breasts covered only in pasties and dollar bills in a g-string bottom leading a girl 3 to 5 years old around the restaurant, the division learned that R House’s Drag Show Brunches have been running since at least 2017.

Desantis of course doesn’t give two fucks for children dying of Covid, no masks mandates for them in schools. LET EM DIE!!!!! Desantis doesn’t gives two fucks for school shootings, fuck those children he says, LET EM DIE!!!!!! Desantis only cares when little fairies come to play, only then does the nightmare food for children come out. Bloody death by a hail of bullets from a sub machine gun, no problem. Pasties on a drag queen, OH THE HORRORS!!!!!!!!!!

The Horror. The Horror.

You know what Desantis really likes right?

That’s right baby. Desantis loves him some Catholic High School Girls In Trouble!!!!!

Yes, Samuel L. Bronkowitz Presents: Desantis and Catholic High School Girls In Trouble. Imagine the horrors that go on in the Governor’s mansion. Screaming lifestyle BDSM parties, orgies, soft swap/hard swaps going on with Roger Stone and Mathew Cawthorn, also starring Matt Gaetz and Randy Quaid!!! Oh you’ll cream in your jeans when you see Desantis, and Catholic High School Girls In Trouble. Also starring all the drag queens and children watching them you could want!!!!


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