Russians and right wingers have been upset over Zelensky and his ability to turn negatives into positives and also to control the media landscape and make Putin look weak, have now decided that their next target for smears is the Zelensky’s Vogue photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz. Using nothing more than Russian twitter bots and easily controlled media in the United States, TMZ uses no name number accounts and the “some people say” argument to launch their smear. TMZ went all in with Vlad Putin to smear the Zelensky’s over the shoot because they want another nail in their coffin. They are rightly upset that the Zelensky’s had time enough to break off from the war and take a photoshoot for Vogue. Oh how upset they were, how dare they look good for their country? How dare they take a break from the war and take some classy pictures together.

TMZ Goes All In With Vladimir Putin in smearing Zelensky's

Russia has made it clear the last few weeks that instead of winning the war, which they are losing every minute of the day, the goal now is to remove Zelensky from power so Russians can take over via normal political channels. So, we can see that any article or news story that shows Zelensky in a bad light and would help to remove him from power is actually bought and paid for by Russia, up to and including this TMZ article which is clearly a smear job being amplified by TMZ’s enormous traffic numbers. The last key is that it’s not even sourced with anyone actually writing it. So assume it’s a paid for hit job attempting to smear Zelensky without any writer attached to it to get people to say how dare he take a photo shoot in the middle of a war, how dare he star on the cover of Vogue!!!

So if you ever want to know which side of the bread TMZ is buttered on, look no further, its mother Russia and Vladimir Putin.

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