Music World Mourns The Passing Of Prince

APR 22, 2016 – The music world is stunned and shocked at the sudden passing of music maestro Prince, who collapsed yesterday and was found unresponsive, and detail about his death as of this writing remains unclear. JTMP recognizes his absolutely amazing talent, who played dozens of instruments, wrote, sang, performed, danced, and much more. He sold 39 million albums, and Purple Rain went Platinum 13x. Tributes have been pouring in all night from fans and musicians for Prince, as his music has affected millions of people for decades across generations and demographics. One of the most amazing videos to show how great a person and performer he was, is the video of him playing through the rain with a live electric guitar in the pouring rain at a NFL halftime show. Watch the wonderful performance below in a video from the NFL that has commentary on that extraordinary day.  (photo credit: Penner/CC)

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]


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