Jensen Guitars Guitar Store Restores Old Guitars and Donates Them to Musicians

APR 14, 2016 – I stumbled upon this wonderful story on today, and just had to share it. Eric and Janey Handmacher residents of California, have a child Melody that was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome. After the Sick Care system failed them and didn’t help their daughter Melody, they started her on CBD oil made from the THC-free strain of medical cannabis called “Charlotte’s Web”. Melody stopped having so many seizures and is doing much better these days.

A guitar store in Longmont, CA, Jensen Guitars, has a great program where they restore old guitars, and donates them to musicians they deem to need them the most.  Don Jensen, owner of Jensen Guitars, received a letter from Janey and said her husband Eric would be a good candidate, and Don agreed and gifted Eric a beautiful restored 12-string Fender acoustic guitar. (photo credit:

To read more about Melody and the CBD Oil treatment, and the awesome guitar gift, check out this great article by Brett Callwood on here:

To learn more about Aicardi Syndrome please visit the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation here:


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