Reggae Artist will be in DC’s upcoming Natl Cannabis Festival on April 23, 2016

APR 4, 2016 – Lifting cannabis prohibition has always been a big issue we push here at JTMP, and April in DC is a busy month for cannabis. Since cannabis prohibition wa lifted here in the district, we ave become the epicenter for cananbis on the east coat. DC has been chosen to be the spot for the first ever National Cannabis Festival featuring, music, speakers, vendors, booths and more. JTMP will try to get as much interviews, video and pictures up as we can. We hope to talk to Jesse Royal, one of the musicians that will be playing that day, and ask him about cananbis rights and its great health benefits. Below is his music video Gimmie Likkle / Finally, check it out!

For more info on the DC National Cannabis Festival on April 23, 2016, go here:

Jesse Royal Facebook:

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]


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