Dr. Robert Davies Creates “Poetic science lecture with compelling imagery”

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OCT 5, 2015 – A physicist at Utah State University, Dr. Robert Davies, has created The Crossroads Project, in his words a “poetic science lecture with compelling imagery” using the power of music to help educate people about global climate change. Dr. Davies uses chamber music by the Fry Street quartet to help drive the presentation, and Dr. Davies told OregonMetro.gov, “The end of the performance is intense. We hope people walk out and say I can’t not do something.” People who leave the event will be engaged on better management of trash by the city. Read more on OregonMetro.gov here, and The Crossroads Project website is here. Watch a video from WorldCanvass about The Crossroads Project including a performance by the Fry Street Quartet below. (photo credit: Andrew McAllister)

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″]https://youtu.be/1YgM-P1OSpM[/youtube]


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