Rapper Tweets: “[Cops] Love Saying Stop Resisting”

AUG 24, 2015 – Rapper Wiz Khalifa was whisking his way through LA International Airport on his cool, new, high-tech “Hoverboard” when LAX police told him to “get off” and he refused. He was wrestled down to the ground and detained for a while by airport security, and Khalifa managed to upload an Instagram video and Tweet about the incident saying, “Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun.”

Hoverboard similar to what Khalifa was riding.
Hoverboard similar to what Khalifa was riding.

The “hoverboard” Wiz Khalifa was riding is a new, high-tech “personal transportation device” that is a cross between a Segway and a skate board and have become popular with entertainers in California such as Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, and go by brand names such as Phunkee Duck and Future Foot.  Read more and see Instagram pics and Tweets from Khalifa about the incident on CNN.com here:


Wiz Khalifa Twitter Page:
Wiz Khalifa Instagram Page:


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