Social Activist Wants to Test Our Moral Compass

JAN 5, 2015 – Watching his dad play congos and being immersed in music, Rafa Selase has always had music as a centerpiece of his life, and social activism was a common thread to it all. Rafa has now formed what he calls “The Souletics STEM Education Innovation Liberation Movement” where he fuses music such as jazz and afro-funk, and combines that with multi-media as Rafa performs his spoken word poetry in a show that many are calling brilliant. His shows are what he describes as “a reality check for the people, a test of our moral compass and a compelling look at our society”, and he hopes to create “hope for the future, a commitment to our community and optimism for the under served people”. Rafa also is a motivational speaker and writes motivational books for his “Souletics Innovation Liberation Movement” program to “uplift the community through education, inspiration economic opportunity, and exclusive health and wellness resources.” STEM stands for the big four he stresses kids need to learn: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The program’s books are designed to “empower readers, overcome obstacles, improve discernment and become more aware of their communities”, a tactic JTMP supports big time! Watch a video from the Souletics YouTube Channel about Rafa’s show below, and if you are lucky enough to live in the Sacramento area, check out his great show out in February, find out more on the Souletics website here, and read a good piece about Rafa by Yousef Baig on the Sacramento Bee here.

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