AP: Kim Campbell – “Glen Playing Music Slowed Alzheimer’s Disease”


NOV 1, 2014 – I blogged about the new Glen Campbell documentary “I’ll Be Me” 2 weeks ago, and clips of the film are making their way onto the Internet. One clip that is causing ripples and getting a lot of attention is a clip where Glen’s wife Kim talks about music therapists and doctors believed that by Glen playing music, it reached down into his deepest recesses of his minds, his earliest memories, and helped him “plateau” and put off the later stages and more severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Music therapists and doctors explained that music uses ALL PARTS OF THE BRAIN, not just one area, and gave Glen’s brain a good “workout” and they believe that played a significant role in slowing the disease. Save for the stupid frickin’ Alzheimer’s disease taking his memories, Glen is healthy otherwise, is active, and currently resting in a hospice. Watch the clip of Kim Campbell and the director of “I’ll Be Me” below from Associated Press talking about the power of music to bring healing to the world below. (photo credit: Gerald/Pixabay)

To find out more about Alzheimer’s, JTMP recommends: http://blog.thealzheimerssite.com

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