OCT 28, 2014 – JTMP has discovered The Protest Song Factory, a community of activist-musicians that uses the power of music to shine a spotlight on injustices and wrongs in the world. One of the members, Max Meltin, stopped by the JTMP studios for a visit and we talked with him about his music and his work. Max plays the guitar, and is currently playing a classic-style guitar with nylon strings, for he is a songwriter and fingerpicks a lot and the strings are farther apart that steel strings. He told us he writes and sings about all sorts of progressive issues such as the environment, health care and more. Their latest song is “Brand New Keystone Pipeline”, and you can hear it below by clicking on the link and going to their ReverbNation Page. Below is a video of a great version of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” and changed to “This Land Ain’t Your Land”, watch it below.

The Protest Song Factory ReverbNation Page:


[youtube width=”480″ height=”270″]http://youtu.be/uYUxJT_Pa5Q[/youtube]



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