MAY 9, 2014 – Joan Baez is lending her support for the Resource Center for Non-Violence in their goal to raise funds for their renovation and upgrade needs for their Santa Cruz building. The RCNV got its start with Joan Baez and others in 1964 as the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in Carmel Valley, then eventually moved to their present location in Santa Cruz and became the Resource Center for Non-Violence. The RCNV has served as the headquarters for Pete Seeger and other musicians, and the whole peace and justice folk music movement for decades, and is continuing to have music as a big part of the peaceful revolution they promote. The RCNV recently is trying to bring in new folks and have launched the ReGeneration campaign to bring in hip hop and other cultural forms of music to widen the scope of how the RCNV blends music and activism. Joan will be playing the benefit concert tonight and told the, “I don’t want to be involved in social change that doesn’t have music”. We here at JTMP agree 100%. Read the great article all about this on the (photo credit: 

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