MAY 7, 2014 – Bluegrass is not really known for its activism, but there are a few songs here and there, and many sing about the plight of the poor, common man. One new bluegrass song, “Keep Your Dirty Lights On” by bluegrass musicians Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott, sings against dirty coal. But is not just your typical bluegrass song telling the plight of a coal miner. This song specifically uses the word “dirty” and “green”, obviously references to the silly “clean coal” propaganda code word invented by coal companies hilariously implying that coal could ever be “clean” (What’s next? Gentle rape?) and the “green movement”. The song’s lyrics go:

Every time they have elections, they talk about how coal is clean
Well coal is cheap but coal’s still black, It ain’t never turning green
So plug your electric car in, charge it and be gone
Do your shopping online, we’ll get you every time

So we can keep your dirty lights on

Watch a video of Tim and Darrell performing “Keep Your Dirty Lights On” below at the in-house studio of WAMU Bluegrass Country here in DC recently.  (photo credit: Takver/Flickr/CC)

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