NOV 18, 2013 – Musician Kris Kristofferson is blaming his athletic days and concussions on his recent memory loss problems. Kristofferson said in an interview to Fox411 that "my memory has been going recently". He added he can remember his songs, and his latest film, "The Motel Life" is currently out. Kris' life has been rich. Born an "army brat" in Texas, he attended Pomona College in California and played rugby and football, and surely received many concussions. Sports programs these days on all levels are grappling with concussion issues, which can lead to long term health problems such as memory loss like Kris is suffering from. He earned a Rhodes Scholarship, and while at Merton he boxed, which led to more concussions. He also started writing songs professionally while there. In 1960, under pressure from his military career family, he enrolled in the US Army and was stationed in Germany. He resumed his music career and formed a band. In 1965 he left the army and decided to pursue his music career full time. His army career family was horrified and disowned him; they never reconciled.

He went to Nashville and swept floors for Columbia Studios, and worked hard at his songwriting until in 1971 Janis Joplin recorded his song "Me and Bobby McGee". Ray Stevens and Johnny Cash recorded his song "Sunday Mornin' Coming Down" and he had success as a performer also. He then went on to have a successful acting career, winning a Golden Globe award for his role in "A Star is Born". Married three times and with eight children, he told Fox411, "I am very blessed and am at a very good point in my life". Read the entire interview on Fox411 here.  (photo credit: Ron Baker/CC)

By Viktor

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