NOV 12, 2013 – Marty Stuart is not really known for his activism, but when I was watching him play the song "Hard Working Man" from his Ghost Train album on his show the other night, the chorus was very powerful and I realized it made a statement on the bad situation workers in America find themselves in. JTMP believes that bad situation is a direct result of the US Chamber of Commerce helping to ship their jobs overseas, and the Mitt Romneys of the world hiding their money in the Cayman Islands and sitting on their wealth, and not investing in America. The chorus goes:

"What will become of the working man, with honest sweat on his brow?
In a nation that raised him to build it, gonna turn its back on him now?
Take away his pride and dignity, and give his job to some foreign land.
Here's a question that needs a good answer.
What will become of the hard working man?"

Good question Marty. I would start with penalizing people who ship jobs overseas and hide their money in the Cayman Islands, and give huge tax breaks to patriots who invest in America. Then, we raise the minimum wage to $14 an hour. Next, we get rid of the so-called "Right to Work" union-busting laws and then expand and strengthen unions. That would be a good start. Watch Marty talking about how his own father was fired and "escorted out to his truck" after giving so much to the company, with a live performance of Hard Working Man in Philadelphia back in 2010 by usbomb99 on YouTube below.  (photo credit: Alan C Teeple/CC)

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