July 23, 2013 – HuffPo has an post up about the Israeli heavy metal rock band Orphaned Land and Palestinian band Khalas will tour Europe together, even sharing the same bus. Khalas' bass player Abed Khathout said, "We are metal brothers before anything", and Orphaned Land's lead singer Koby Farhi said, "Having a brotherhood, sharing the stage, simply shows that Rock and Roll music is above politics." Orphaned Land has been using music as a bridge for over 20 years to reach out to Palestinians to help bring about peace between their 2 peoples. Justice Through Music totally supports these bands efforts, and is all about using music as a catalyst for positive and progressive change in the world, it is in our name! Read more on HuffPo here, including a video with clips of the two bands.  (photo: Orphaned Land 2010 – credit: Dark Apostrophe/CC)

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