NOV 6, 2012 – Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of the long-running English heavy-metal rock band Motörhead, was backstage at an All-Star Tribute how and talking to Rolling Stone, and gave a lengthy interview on music and politics. He said today's music features "less and less talent and more and more gimmick", which I agree; too much computer and auto-tuning gimmicks. He also said, "I'm pretty fucking hard to impress", alluding to the abundance of mediocrity in the music field. Once again, I agree. The talk eventually went to the Chuck Berry interview last week when Chuck teared up recalling playing the segregated venues in the south, and RS asked him if he thought he would ever see an African-American as President in his lifetime.

Lemmy jumped into the Presidential election saying, "I would have said America wasn't ready for it. And I don't think they were, because they're trying to drag him down now. I mean, the poor fucker's only just gotten rid of all that George Bush shit that he left, or is trying to. And he's being stonewalled by the fucking Congress all the time. I don't know how he's gotten anything done. They should be glad. I mean the alternative is Mitt Romney. Please, please don't vote for Mitt Romney. Fuck him. Repeal abortion law is the first thing he'll do. Fucking monster."

Read the whole interview on RS here.  (photo credit: CC/Mark Marek)

By Viktor

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