Mikhail Khodorkovsky Calls Pussy Riot Trial “Medieval”


mikhail khodorkovsky calls pussy riot trial “medieval”

Aug 7, 2012 – Former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russia's most famous prisoner who got jailed for….well, for nothing, commented on the Pussy Riot trial and said on his website, "It's painful to watch what is taking place in the Khamovnichesky Court in the city of Moscow, where Masha, Katya and Nadya are on trial. The word ""trial" is only applicable in the sense in which it was used by the Inquisitors of the Middle Ages." He also said, "I am very ashamed and hurt. And not because of these girls – the mistakes of youthful radicalism can be forgiven – but for the state, which is profaning our Russia with its complete and utter lack of conscience." 

It looks like the Russian prosecutor trying the case, Alexander Nikiforov, is ignoring the calls for leniency from Putin to Pete Townshend and many human rights groups and will be seeking a 3-year sentence for the 3 female activist musicians for their free speech action at the Russian Orthodox Church altar. Read more on NBC News here.

Read the entire statement from Mikhail Khodorkovsky statement on his website here, and check out a JTMP video below of a recent Pussy Riot Protest in front of the Russian embassy here in DC. (photo credit: PressCentral – Khodorkovsky)

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