July 21, 2012 – The all-girl activist punk band "Pussy Riot" from Russia is on trial in Moscow for a political free speech action/stunt they pulled recently at the cathedral of the largest Russian Orthodox Church, and the trial has divided the country over how far free speech should go and how far the state should limit free speech, and have ran into the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. The women, who often perform in public scantily clad to attract attention to their message, have battled Vladimir Putin over the years because they see his policies as anti-women and authoritarian that limits free speech.

In February of 2012 the 5 women briefly "took over" the altar at Christ the Saviour Cathedral and chanted, "Mother Mary, Drive Putin away!", and did a high-kicking cancan-style dance. They were arrested, but a judge has released them because many have children they need to take care of. The girls face up to 7 years in prison if convicted. Read more on HuffPo here, and check out a video below from MYNEWZCENTRAL on YouTube interviewing Russians on asking them how they feel about the trial. (Photo credit: IgorMukhin/Wiki)

By Viktor

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