Tour De Frack Launches, Arrival in DC Tomorrow!


tour de frack launches

July 24, 2012 – Tour De Frack is on, and the activist bicyclists will be arriving in the DC area tomorrow at the Maryland Great Falls Visitor Center at 11:00 AM, with a picnic concert by Zach Freidhof, so come on down and have some fun and help us kick off the Tour De Frack lobbying efforts to take our concerns about fracking to the federal level. There will be events all week, here is some of the schedule:

July 25 – 11:00AM – MD Great Falls
July 26 – 10:00AM – Capitol Hill, DC
July 27 – 9PM – Concert at Church in DC


Wednesday – July 25th

***11am – Maryland Great Falls Visitor Center. 
Picnic table concert with Zach Freidhof and team TDF and Media.


6:30pm-8:00pm Evening Lobbying and Marshall Trainings

Location: Sierra Club Offices (50 F Street NW, Washington DC  20001) 

These trainings are not required for people who are lobbying, but we highly recommend that you attend. We will discuss how to lobby, what our asks to members are, what to expect from lobbying meetings and more importantly how to get around the Hill! We will also be having a Marshall Training where we will go over conflict resolution and the plan for the march and fracking water drop-off. We’ll also give out some other roles that we need filled to make sure STFA goes off without a hitch.

Thursday – July 26th

***9:00 – 9:30am. West side of Capitol. TDF gathers with water and stories to talk to the press

Lobby Day

8:30am-5:00pm Lobbying at the US Capitol

Location: Cannon Caucus Room, Western Organization of Resource Councils

After being trained the night before, we will hit the pavement of Capitol Hill and bring our message to our members of Congress. Lobbying is a tactic that is as old as government itself, and is a great way to create the pressure needed to close the loopholes in the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. We will also take a group photo at noon on the steps of the Capitol!

More questions? Concerns? Shoot us an email: [email protected]

Friday – July 27th

Stop the Frack Attack Gathering

Location: St. Stephens Church, 1525 Newton St. NW Washington, DC 20006 

8:30am  Doors Open

9:00 am Opening Ceremony

9:15-10:30 am: Training Block 1

ACTION: Public Demonstrations 101 (Maya – Delaware RiverKeeper) 

COMMS: Messaging and Media Outreach (by Stephaine Spear – EcoWatch)

NVDA 101- ( team and Sam Daly)

OTHER: Organizing your local school board, Health and Safety Training  (Charis Boke)

10:30-10:45 am: Break

10:45-Noon: Training Block 2

ACTION: NVDA 201: shutting things down, so we can open them up ( Actions team )

COMMS: Social Media 101 (Amy Neumann)

OTHER: Marshall Training (Robby Diesu), Money in Politics 101 (Karen Showalter)

OPEN SPACE: We will have a sign up sheet at the front desk

Noon-1pm: Lunch

The Strategy sessions will be using a spokes council model for their communications. The first block, on state level and youth, will be a time for those groups to come together to discuss what is going on in their states and figure out what their needs are. They will be asked to pick one person to report back for them and they will be the head of their spokes. Each group will get their own facilitator to allow people to actively participate in the blocks and not have worry about facilitating.

1pm-3pm: Strategy Block 1. Choices: State-level strategy meetings, Regional meetings, Youth meeting


Discuss what’s going on in the state, from any angle and to answer these two questions “What have we done Right, and How can we do it better?” “What have we done wrong, how do we not make that mistake again”. But be sure to have someone ready report back to the group during the national session

3pm-3:15pm: Break

3:15-5:30pm: National Strategy meeting

After break, the room will be set up set up in traditional spokes style. Each block will give their report back and state their needs, we will go around the room and write up each of the needs. We will then go around the room and have each spoke share what they’d like to see our community do together over the next six months.

5:30-6:30 pm Dinner on your own

6:30-8:30 pm Town Hall Panel Discussion Featuring Bill Mckiibben, Josh Fox, John Fenton, Jenny Lisak, and Jason Bell.

***9:00-till?: Gathering After Party! 

Tour De Frack presents:

Human Power – Human Stories

With Music by Zach and special guest Craig Gillette

Saturday – July 28th 

Rally and March
1:30 pm Multi-Religious Opening Service led by The Shalom Center and Interfaith Moral Action on Climate.

2:00pm Rally
Location: The West Lawn of the Capitol 

This is the big day, we are organizing to get as many people as possible! We have people coming from Texas, West Virginia, New York, Vermont, and even Australia. If you want to help get people there you can organize a bus! This rally will give us the energy needed to take our demands to the corporate powers pushing fracking onto our communities.

3:30 pm March
Location: The Streets of DC

After getting pumped up by our awesome speakers, it’s time to hit the streets. We will make a special delivery to the American Petroleum Institute and American Natural Gas Alliance. They say fracking is good for our water, we say nay and have the water to prove it!

Check out more info at Tour De Frack.

Press inquiry: Contact Craig Gillette – 202.580.5876


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