June 18, 2012 – Deana Carter played a benefit concert for the Les Paul Kids Rock Free charity at the Fender Guitar Museum in Corona, California, and sang some of her best songs to help them out in their quest to get musical instruments and lessons to as many children as possible. This is very important especially since funding for the music and arts in public schools is being attacked and cut, so children really need our help.

The show was put on by the Fender Center for the Performing Arts Foundation which was founded in 1997 to get music to kids ranging from 7 to 17. In 2002 they expanded and purchased a 33,000 square foot facility, with a museum detailing the 50-year history of the Fender guitar. Steve Miller is now heavily involved with the charity, and you can watch Steve in a PSA below. Their site offers dismal news, saying that only 32% of the elementary schools offer any arts education to their students. JTMP supports their efforts, and calls on congress to enact more funding for the music and arts in public schools. To learn more about the Fender Center for the Performing Arts, check out their website here.

Here is Steve Miller lending his time for a PSA , and performances by Deana Carter of her 2 great hits, "Strawberry Wine" and "Count Me In", with her PSA for the charity.

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