June 12, 2012 – George Martinez, an Occupy Activist Musician who has been heavily involved with the Occupy Movement in New York, is running for the US Congressional 7th District seat in the upcoming 2012 New York election this fall. On his website he says, "Controlling politics without money is power, people power". He is running a campaign purely on people power, and hopes that with technology and social media, and of course people getting involved, can carry the day.

Mr. Martinez clearly states his platform is ending "corporate personhood", and many other issues such as Medicare For All, student loan debt help, green energy investments, end the drug war, and other very progressive stances. Find out more information on this candidate on his BumRushTheVote.net website here.

Check out Mr. Martinez in a Occupy Activist Music Video below, and don't forget to register to vote, and vote in this November's election. From the city council, to state delegates, to US Senators and the President, it is important for democracy if everyone "Bum Rushes The Vote!", and overrides the money corruption in our elections. To start your voter registration process go to Smart.gov here and click on the state you live in. There is also a "National Mail Voter Registration Form" that you can use to register to vote anywhere in the United States, and all states are required by law to accept it, and you can get that on the FEC's website here.

By Viktor

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