APR 19, 2012 – Writer Naomi Wolf, who started  a controversy commenting on Katy Perry's "Part of Me" music video, continues to call the video "war propaganda", and wrote an Op Ed on ReaderSupportedNews.org saying:

“The whole videography of the scenes at Camp Pendleton – in which Perry crawls through an imaginary minefield, trains underwater, learns she can do the impossible, etc – is straight out of Leni Riefenstahl: the same angled, heroizing upward shots, the same fetishization of physical power, of gleaming armaments, and of the rigor and mechanism of human beings cohering into living militarized units. There is something else about the video: it feels … like an ad; specifically, a focus-grouped, consumer-tested ad to attract more women to join the Marines.” 

Watch Katy Perry's video below, then read the Op Ed by Naomi Wolf on ReaderSupportedNews.org here.   (photo credit: Thomas Good/Wiki)

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