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From HuffPo 01/12/2012:

"WASHINGTON — Legendary D.C. post-punk band Fugazi hasn't played a show since 2002, but languishing fans can now revisit their favorite performances online at the Fugazi Live Series, an ongoing archival project that when complete will feature up to 800 audio tapes recorded by the band.

Singer-guitarist Ian MacKaye now co-owns Dischord Records, which launched the series. On Wednesday, MacKaye dropped by WAMU-FM's "Kojo Nnamdi Show" to talk about how Fugazi wound up recording their shows in the first place and muse on the band's place in the annals of D.C. music history.

"I've always been a bit of a documentarian," MacKaye said on the program, adding there wasn't a whole lot of method to the madness when it came to recording. "At some point, a couple hundred tapes into the process, we kind of realized: Wow! We kind of have to keep going." Fugazi's music is remembered as having a slant toward social activism, which translated into many shows performed for charities and protests."

Read more here, and check out a video of "Waiting Room" by Fugazi below.

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