Rapper David Banner has thrown his support behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, and has called on everybody to stop separating ourselves and work together to solve our problems. He doesn’t like how Republicans leaders and even other Americans were putting down the Occupy protesters saying, "I hear comments like, they need to work hard or they need to take baths. Like, dude, why would you even say that about your people? Regardless of whether we agree with each other or not, we're all American. This is even our opportunity to show the side of the people, to allow people to really talk, especially the young people."

Banner also talked about how currently the movement has no “one leader”, but he admires how all the people out there are willing to get out there and make a stand. He added, "It's bad that it takes pain to unite people, but [it's good] to see people from all walks of life, all colors, all creeds come together to try to make something happen." In an MTV video he said, “to see Americans fight is something I am so very proud of. I just really wanted more than anything to be a part of." So, he went down to Zucotti Park and paid a visit, and below is the video of his experience.


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