Sound Strike, is a non-profit that was formed in the wake of the harsh anti-immigration SB 1070 is a nexus that brings together musicians to voice their disapproval of this legislation, and to urge them to join a boycott against the state, and not perform any shows in Arizona as a form of protest and free speech. Recently, they have announced efforts to launch new projects built on their early successes. They have announced they are launching podcasts, music, and more to put further heat on Arizona to repeal SB 1070.



On their website it says, "Music is a Weapon" and urge not only the boycott of Arizona, but also that musicians should use their music to create positive social change and speak out, and to not be afraid of the possible backlash. In a statement they say, "The industry has always struggled with who saw their music as part entertainment and part political weapon. The music industry tends to only embrace those artists with remarkable talent or uniqueness that is ‘marketable.’ But we must recognize that music is a powerful weapon in both disseminating information, building critical thought of the status quo and mobilizing people into a set of ideas, and hopefully action."

They have launched this podcast here, and also on their website they urge activists to not wait but act now and we should use the internet and social media to "create our own online and word of mouth distribution of content that combines entertainment with information and, hopefully, thoughtful insight."

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