Musician JD Malone seeks to lift people up, and make them feel better about their situation, and to urge people do "Do What You Can Do" to change your life and others. On the website it says:

“Do What You Can Do is a project headed by musician JD Malone that carries a potent message that enables the average person to change their lives by doing what they can do to make a difference in other people’s lives and in so doing, change their own.

How do we address the fallen spirit of people who just don’t feel connected – who don’t think their voice can even be heard?

Resolving this problem is what’s at the core of the Do What You Can Do Project.

Getting people to feel better about themselves in today’s economy where people are losing their homes, their jobs, and wondering why America has become a little less than it used to be is a daunting task. The way to change America is to change the mindset of the people – one person at a time. People need to know that they can make a difference by becoming a part of a unified community consciousness that enables them to reconstitute a better America.”

Watch the video below, and check out

Also, check out JTMP and Op-Critical's video "Change the World"

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