Participants at the Power Shift 2011 Clean Energy Summit used banners extensively in the rally and march. Some of the banners read, "We the People", "Grow Power", and "Justice".

Banners at Power Shift 2011 Clean Energy Summit

JTMP interviewed one of the activists, and found they were using recycled and re-used materials to construct their banners. Old hotel bed sheets were re-used for the cloth, along with paint from a paint recycling center to paint the slogans. For ties they used reclaimed bicycle tires that were cut up, and bamboo was used for the poles. Bamboo has been embraced by the sustainability crowd, due to its very rapid growth and other qualities. Pictures of the materials are below. Find even more pictures on JTMP's Facebook Site! Search for "Justice Through Music".

Old hotel bed sheets re-used for banners. The wings represent mythology and bringing a message to the people.

Old bike tires were cut up and used for the ties.

Bamboo poles were used, a highly sustainable source.

For videos of the event, visit our YouTube Channel.

By Viktor

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