JTMP has discovered an awesome new technology recently aired on 60 minutes that has a promising future. Bloom Energy has created a product called "Energy Servers", which are solid oxide fuel cell technology, that uses a clean and green electro-chemical process to not only generate but also store energy. Bloom Energy says they are "committed to changing the way people generate and consume energy". Founded in 2001 by KR Sridhar, he used his experience at NASA developing technology that could use solar energy and water to provide air for breathing and fuel for transport.

The materials used are common sand-like powder, instead of precious metals or corrosive acids. They are also high-efficiency converting twice the rate of some legacy technologies. The Energy Servers provides 100kW of power, enough to meet the demand of 100 average homes or a small office building, with the footprint of a standard car parking space. Many companies, like eBay and Google, are already using this technology.

JTMP urges our elected officials to support funding for green technology development like this, and we urge our supporters to contact their representatives and urge them to support green, renewable energy!

For more information on Energy Servers, please check out Bloom Energy's website by clicking here, or going to: http://www.bloomenergy.com/

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