Trump Begs Suckers, Hillbillies, For Money Over Fraud Trial: Claims Nothing Can Break Him

This is the standard 101 grift. Get sued, fundraise off it. Get charged with crimes, fundraise off it. It's like asking the hillbillies to continue to pay for his frauds while he pays nothing for them. His "nothing can break me" statements aside are all just pudding for the racist hillbillies to feast upon.

Trump Stands To Lose Everything In New York

Everything Trump owns or has he now stands to lose in his New York fraud trial. Of course, these are all talking points coming from those "we got him now" people in the media who salivate at seeing Trump and his family brought to their knees.

Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney

Hunter Biden has sued Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney claiming they invaded his privacy and attempted to hack his devices. It's about time...

Menendez Should Not Resign Until George Santos Does First

But democrats need to hold the Republicans accountable first over George Santos, who was arrested over his felonious activities last year, and yet Santos has refused to resign no matter what. Until Santos resigns, Menendez shouldn't resign either.

Corrupt Menendez Continues To Be Corrupt

Mr. Gold Bars and luxury vehicles Senator Bob Menendez, fresh off a corruption trail that resulted in a hung jury, continued his blatant corruption after being let go, proving once and for all that those criminals, no matter who they are, continue to commit crimes until they are locked up.