Jenna Ellis Pleads Guilty In Georgia

This is another one of those another one bites the dust deals. Jenna Ellis who represented Donald Trump in his 2020 election battle has pleaded guilty to the charges against her.

Sidney Powell, “The Kraken” Pleads Guilty

I will remind people here that she made millions of dollars fundraising off her election conspiracies and will have to part with none of it. She retains her law license, as she's only pleading to misdemeanors, and she retains all the money she made off of her lies.

Ricky Vaughn, Social Media NutBag, Gets 7 Months Prison

He sent out a wave of text messages to democrats claiming people could vote for Hillary with their phones as long as they texted to a certain number. It fooled a number of people, which was pretty much election fraud in and of itself.

George Santos hit with additional charges, including identity theft

Another day, another set of criminal charges for George Santos. Republicans refuse to get rid of him, preferring instead to let the twice indicted criminal fraudster stay in the House of Representatives.

Trump discussed US nuclear subs with foreign national after leaving White House

So, by all accounts this is treason, and by all accounts Trump should be arrested, indicted and if found guilty, executed for treason. No long term stays in a cushy federal prison. If this is true, he should be charged for treason, and if found guilty, put in front of a firing squad and shot.