Jordan Klepper Owns Deeply Clueless Trump Fans


I’ve seen these Trump supporters many times on Twitter videos. They are brain dead zombies who really don’t know why they support Trump or haven’t heard of anything concerning Trumps criminality or are just brain dead on the reasons they support Trump. All they know is that they support him, they just don’t know why.

Jordan Klepper of Comedy central then stepped in once again to question them, and its pretty hilarious on how these Trump supporters define their support for Trump.

Story below:

“The Daily Show” correspondent’s informal survey revealed that Jan. 6 tops most MAGAs’ list of “favorite” Trump rallies.

You can’t fix crazy, but you can document it—which is fortunate for Jordan Klepper. The MAGA magnet is celebrating Monday’s at-long-last return of The Daily Showwith a new edition of “Fingers on the Pulse,” which was recorded at last week’s Donald Trump rally in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

While five-plus months aways from a job might leave even the most seasoned pro a little rusty, the Daily Show correspondent proved that he hasn’t missed a beat—and that sparring with MAGA morons may, in fact, be the role he was ultimately born to fill. “For better or worse,” Klepper admitted. So he didn’t waste any time in getting back to the business of desperately trying (and ultimately failing) to understand the highly confusing mindset of Trump’s most clueless ride-or-dies.

Since May, when TDS and its fellow bastions of late-night TV went dark due to the recent writers’ strike, Trump has been keeping busy, both with his 2024 presidential campaign and “juggling certain legal commitments,” Klepper noted—a not-so-subtle nod to the ex-POTUS’ various indictments and courtroom appearances.

When Klepper asked about some of the key Trump moments he might have missed during his TDS hiatus, one rally-goer’s mind first went to the breaking news that the former POTUS recently changed up “Crooked Hillary” to “Crooked Biden.”

“Oh, so he is focusing on the issues,” Klepper remarked.

“Sadly, the Donald’s campaign appearances aren’t the only thing on his schedule,” Klepper said. He’s also facing 91 felony charges that could ultimately see him sentenced to 641 years in prison. But Trump’s supporters don’t seem worried… even if they can’t keep his legal woes straight.

“I think they’re just trying to throw him in jail,” offered one attendee who channeled his own inner orange-tinged warrior and declared it all “a witch hunt”—just as the former president had said so many times before. Unfortunately, this particular MAGA couldn’t remember exactly when Trump had used this phrase, but he’s pretty sure it was right around the time “the lady charges” were brought against him.

“Lady charges: Is that Stormy Daniels lady charge or sexual assault,” Klepper asked. And while the guy wasn’t totally sure, he thinks it was the latter—and also thinks Trump was found guilty in that particular lawuit, but again wasn’t sure. Nor does it matter. Because what he is 100 percent positive about is that hell yeah he’ll be on Team Trump in 2024.

“Ultimately, I wondered would these MAGA faithful ever care about any of these criminal charges,” Klepper explained, then answered his own question with “Probably not. Exhibit A: Just ask what their favorite rally was!”

One Trumpified couple didn’t hesitate when choosing January 6 as the ex-president’s shiningest of shining moments, “Apart from all the violence that was planned by the FBI and such.” When pressed further on exactly who the perpetrators of the attack on the Capitol were, he had the full list ready: “Antifa, Black Lives Matter, ISIS, and MS-13.” (And yep, he was there.)

Another attendee, draped in a Trump cape—superhero-style—also picked Jan. 6 as his favorite Trump event. He, too, was there, though he wouldn’t confirm whether he stepped foot inside the Capitol at any time (“for legal reasons”).

“Well, have fun,” Klepper told him. “Try not to overthrow any duly elected officials!”



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