Conway: How To Drive Trump Crazy


We don’t need to know from George Conway, husband to the alternative fact’s lady Kelly Anne Conway, how to drive Trump crazy. How does one drive him crazy when he’s already crazy? Here’s how to drive him batshit insane, no wait, he’s already batshit insane. Here’s how to drive him overboard, no wait, he\’s already gone overboard. Here’s how to drive Trump …

Well, I don’t know how to drive Trump anywhere, in fact no one does, not even the Lincoln Project ads bother Trump or send shockwaves or laughs like they once did. Those were times where such content mattered. Today, not so much. If you want to drive Trump anywhere, I’d say the most effect way to drive him, is to drive him OFF the front pages, OFF the media talk show circuits, and OFF all media altogether. That will drive him to places he’s never been before, which is obscurity.

That is how you defeat Trump; you drive him into obscurity. And I can tell you, at least for the last few days, say, since the attacks on Israel, Trump’s media has been at an all-time low. Why? Because Israel, HAMAS, Terrorism (which Americans have not dealt with in a long time) have driven the 24/7 news cycle making Trump and all his bullshit grandstanding come to an end. Since the day of the attacks, Trump has been an afterthought. Like buried on page 6, where only zombies and curious onlookers would want to go. It’s been — refreshing to say the least to finally be able to concentrate on something else other than Trump Trump Trump.

What was once a 24/7 cycle of Trump, has now been reduced at least 80 percent, and that has been wonderful news. I myself have been glued to the OSINTDefender Twitter/X feed ever since the attacks. Its first on my list instead of say, Ron Filipowski or Aaron Rupar. I suggest if you want the play by play of what is going on in Israel minute after minute, hour after hour, give OSINTDefender on Twitter a view.

As for how to drive Trump crazy, this is the low bar standard for our country today. instead of being intelligent and having something serious to discuss or even something nice, we have to keep people that were part of, and are still a part of the Trump world on the front pages with stupid assessments like how to drive Trump crazy, and here’s my idea on how to do it yada yada yada. Like I needed to hear how billboards and TV spots in local areas need to be played when he arrives in town, which will drive Trump crazy.

Like Trump would even see local news or local commercials when he lands in some backwater hillbilly town. The man literally is on the ground for less than an hour before he takes off and heads elsewhere. Its total bullshit to say that Trump would even see an ad on local news or even know an ad was running there, and George knows it.

George just hasn’t been on the front pages in a while, and so he thought to come up with this idea on how democrats should drive Trump crazy, as if he isn’t already crazy. And no, none of these tactics would work. The only people they would benefit are local TV stations, which are in fact mostly controlled by Salem Communications, a right-wing Trump supporting company.


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