Trump echoes Hitler calls Americans vermin and America a rat infested ghetto that needs extermination.

What he plans to do if re-elected is build concentration camps for Jews, African Americans, liberals, and anyone who publicly disagrees with him. He will also institute a travel ban for minorities, Muslims and anyone they label as “the other,” send dreamers back to where they came from, remove DACA, send children packing out of the country, and institute a host of other Nazi inspired executive orders to clean America out of anyone who isn’t white or right. Steve Bannon, and Stephen Miller will be in charge of those departments.

Trump Echoes Hitler
Trump Echos Hitler Calls Americans Vermin

It stands to reason, and many have already said this, that if Trump is telling you what he is going to do, then believe him. So this isn’t some bullshit nonsense rhetoric. His minions at Heritage and The Federalist society have already been putting a transition team together and are spending millions of dollars getting ready, as if the election were a foregone conclusion.

Already this new playbook about going against the will of the voters is in play in Ohio, which recently lost their collective shirts over the abortion issue. The legislature there has come up with a novel idea, and that is to just act like the will of the voters cannot be adhered to, and that they believe they don’t have to follow the will of the voters.

Imagine if Trump loses in November and just decides he didn’t lose and just claims fraud happened, and then seizes the levers of government with a willing congress and military to back him up. People will see it as a coup, but then Trump will say: what are you going to do about it? And the answer will be — nothing. Thus will begin the closure of media outlets, the arrests of anyone and everyone on their enemies lists, and the people will be left on the floor dead or in a concentration camp if they don’t go along.

How many will then give up? If you think liberals stockpile weapons and will go to war with their neighbors in the streets, think again.

Here is the recent video from The Lincoln Project outlining what another Trump administration will look like.

One of the architects to this madness is Stephen Miller, who was responsible for putting children from Mexico in cages.

Trump Echos Hitler Calls Americans Vermin
Trump Echos Hitler Calls Americans Vermin

In interviews with The New York Times, several Trump advisers gave the most expansive and detailed description yet of Mr. Trump’s immigration agenda in a potential second term. In particular, Mr. Trump’s campaign referred questions for this article to Stephen Miller, an architect of Mr. Trump’s first-term immigration policies who remains close to him and is expected to serve in a senior role in a second administration.

The people in Trump’s orbit such as Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are the definition of Hitler’s henchman who caused the holocaust and sent 6 million jews to their deaths. They have the same type of plans here, concentration camps, labeling liberals as vermin needing to be exterminated, telling everyone what their plans are so they can be ready to implement on day one.

“Any activists who doubt President Trump’s resolve in the slightest are making a drastic error: Trump will unleash the vast arsenal of federal powers to implement the most spectacular migration crackdown,” Mr. Miller said, adding, “The immigration legal activists won’t know what’s happening.”

Here is the thing. If they are plotting and planning a complete takeover of the United States, then you better believe that this is what they will do. There is no compromise, no just saying they were joking, no “oh, it’s just Trump being Trump.” Nothing will happen. This is a full-on invasion and coup plan that is being paraded by these individuals right in front of you.

They’re gambling that their base will salivate over it and vote them in. And if they lose, you better believe that they will not go gently into that night. Rather, they will go full-on coup and start a civil war in the United States in order to get that power they so desperately crave once again. They are taking no prisoners this time. This is for the whole enchilada to them.

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