Who won, who lost, who gives a shit for any of it? Trump failed to show up because he’s a rank coward and only wants supplicants to suck up to him. So, he skipped the debate to show the RNC that the GOP is his party, not the RNC’s party. The rest of the MAGAT’s who were there, short of Chris Christi, were all just the same smarmy pandering assholes that no one would vote for. They are mostly there for the money and the prestige they think they get because they are trying to run a campaign for President.

Vivek Ramaswamy who admitted a few days ago to have taken money from George Soros to finish school, even though he was already a millionaire while attending school, showed that he will forever be tainted by George Soros.

The rest of the lunatic fringe when offered a chance to show that climate change is a human caused condition, refused to raise their hands to say yes to that issue, showing once and for all the GOP shouldn’t ever be in power again.

The rest of it, sound bites and all was just a clown show not worthy of watching. But if you want to be grossed out about this fake GOP party, then you can have a look at this clip which might make you run to the toilet to vomit..

Debates used to be about making a decision on a candidate’s knowledge and ability to speak to the problems of the country and the world. But these days all we see from Republicans are just dumbed down to the hillbilly level token talks about nothing but hot air. There isn’t any of them that has a chance in hell of winning. All of them are polling at single digits against Trump, showing us just how stupid the GOP is.

Who won who lost? Who cares..

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