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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene held up large nude photos of Hunter Biden during a House Committee meeting.
  • Democrats questioned the move and said they were “completely irrelevant” to the hearing.
  • But Greene said they related to her claims about Biden and that “the American people deserve to see” them.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was “uncomfortable” showing nude photos of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter in Congress but that “the American people deserve to see” them.

Greene used a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday to hold up photos that purportedly showed Hunter Biden having sex with prostitutes.

The images clearly depict Biden nude and engaging in sex, but use black boxes to obscure his genitals and the faces of the people who aren’t Biden.

The committee was hearing from two IRS staffers, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley Jr., who have criticized the Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden not paying his taxes.

Democrats questioned Greene showing the images, and some rebuked Greene’s decision.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in her closing remarks that the images were “pornographic” and showed Republicans reaching a “new low.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin told The Washington Post that showing the photos was “completely irrelevant” to the hearing and “did not advance in any way the putative objective of the hearing.” He described it as “an assault to the dignity of the committee.”

But Greene, a fervent Biden critic, spoke on Newsmax later on Wednesday, alleging that the DOJ was “politically motivated” and was “protecting Joe Biden” by not properly investigating his son.

She said the pictures would help Americans hold the government accountable, telling the show “Rob Schmitt Tonight”: “This is actually the evidence that I believe the American people deserve to see. Because when the American people can see this evidence, as uncomfortable as it was for me to show it on the Oversight Committee today, I believe that’s how they can hold this government accountable.”

Hunter Biden reached an agreement to plead guilty in June to two criminal counts for failing to pay income tax, in a deal with the DOJ.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Department of Justice all deny that the investigation has been too lenient.

Hunter Biden has become a magnet for conspiracy theories, and Republicans, including Greene, have made unsubstantiated claims about Hunter Biden beyond what the DOJ has investigated.

Greene, in the committee hearing, alleged that Hunter Biden used his company to pay prostitutes and then wrote it off as a business expense. Ziegler, the IRS witness, did not confirm that, though he did say that there were deductions for what he believed to be escorts, according to The Hill.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/mtg-said-american-people-deserve-see-naked-photos-hunter-biden-2023-7?op=1

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