As if anything with these lunatics, especially MTG could be considered shocking. They lost the shock value long ago. Now it’s just headline clickbait for websites and social media. They care less about what is shocking. They want to own their lunacy lock stock and two smoking barrels.

Story below:

The communications director for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has gained notice for being even more aggressive, rude and dismissive toward journalists than other House Republican staffer.

Nick Dyer entered conservative politics through an internship with Young Americans for Liberty, formerly known as Students for Ron Paul, after dropping out of Texas A&M, and after stints working for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and failed GOP Senate candidate Greg Brannon wound up working for Greene — and former colleagues were surprised, reported The New Yorker.

“[Someone sent me an article] about Marjorie Taylor Greene and some weird response from her communications director,” said Josh Perry, digital director for Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign. “I didn’t think anything of it at first, then I looked again. And I was, like, Wait, is that the same Nick Dyer?”

Perry wouldn’t have expected his former colleague, a seemingly devout libertarian, would wind up with an opportunist who flaunts her political ignorance like Greene.

“I still thought that he believed things that are entirely divergent from what he’s become,” Perry said.

Dyer’s transformation from libertarian to culture war antagonist is emblematic of the change many congressional veterans have noticed on the Hill, and Greene’s spokesman has stood out as especially brusque with profane and insulting replies to reporter inquiries.

“He’s unusually belligerent, even among flacks for right-wing members,” said one reporter who has dealt with him. “Other spokesmen will ignore you, try to spin you, give you a ‘No comment’ or a perfunctory comment — or they might even be quite helpful. Dyer is just pure, non-strategic contempt.”

“Even Trump’s team is much more polite and professional,” that reporter said.

Dyer often replies to requests for comment by insulting the reporter or their media outlet, or he simply responds by saying “f*ck off,” and a former Cruz staffer lamented that Greene and other MAGA Republicans were changing Washington for the worse.

“[He] can say something incorrect or inflammatory for no reason, and, if he gets called out, it’s just ‘bad guys trying to get us,’ ” the former staffer said. “Nick works for a truly bad person. He’s come quite a ways from the Ron Paul revolution.”

Source: Behavior of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘unusually belligerent’ spokesman shocks former colleagues – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

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