Trump Did Not Get Arrested Today, But He Fleeced Supporters Anyway


So it appears that nothing much has happened with the potential for arrest today. As I said before, it probably wouldn’t happen this week. So far, his supporters have left him high and dry. A few stragglers here and there have shown up in various locations to parade about and show support for him. But nothing like he wanted.

Of course, he hasn’t stopped grifting off his supporters over the potential indictment or arrest. He’s been charging anywhere from 1 dollar to 3300.00 dollars to show support. Not much has been shown on how much he’s managed to raise though. But suffice it to say he’s grifting off of it and acting like he’s trying to be a martyr for his base.

The issue is, he isn’t President any longer, and not many are willing to go to jail for a has been TV celebrity who managed to eek out an election win in 2016. Some hilarious memes have been put out on social media though and I am sure he’s not too happy about all that.

Story below:

Donald Trump‘s fundraising machine may be getting a boost thanks to massive attention given to his erroneous prediction that he would be arrested Tuesday.

Trump made the claim in a Truth Social post over the weekend, but no announcement of an indictment has yet come from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Since Trump made his arrest prediction, at least one fundraising email sent Monday in the former president’s name has targeted donors to clap back at the “witch hunt” that could lead to his arrest. Trump also asked for petition signatures against accusations he paid hush money in 2016 to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Bragg is reportedly probing whether Trump falsified business records to conceal the payment.

“[T]he Trump for President 2024 campaign is compiling millions and millions of petition signatures from Americans like you CONDEMNING these threats of a possible arrest,” the email read.

Trump supporters who click on the petition link are led directly to Trump’s official fundraising page, where he asks for up to $3,300 to get him re-elected to the presidency in 2024.

In addition, one targeted ad on Trump’s Truth Social page is selling “Free Donald Commemorative Gold Bars” for $100. Another ad is promoting Trump 2024 T-shirts at no initial cost, but mentions a $29.95 per month T-shirt Membership in the fine print.

Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina hinted at the Trump fundraising boon in a recent interview.

“[Trump] seems to turn everything into a positive and everything into a boost for his campaign,” Tacopina told the reporter.

According to reports, Trump had just $25 million in his campaign war chest at the beginning of 2023, down from $105 million at the start of 2022. The former president is desperate to raise as much money as possible from MAGA supporters, and his “imminent arrest” prediction may be the catalyst to bring in bigger numbers in time for the Federal Election Commission’s first-quarter fundraising report deadline on March 31.

Source: Trump Did Not Get Arrested Today, But He Fleeced Supporters By Pretending He Would Be (

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