Memes making fun of, and mocking Trump and his potential arrest are making their way through social media. A number of them are pretty funny too. Here is a small compilation of them.

While there is no official word or a timeline for his potential indictment or arrest, it is unclear why Trump gave Tuesday as the date of his arrest. Hours after his post, a spokesperson for Trump issued a statement saying Trump did not write his post with any direct knowledge of the time of any arrest.

Some of the jokes circulating on social media, largely from critics of the former president, stem from the idea that Trump would attempt to flee from the police. If the Manhattan district attorney goes through with a criminal indictment, however, the likely scenario—according to Trump’s legal team—is that the former president would surrender.

Some Twitter users compared Trump’s situation to former football star OJ Simpson, who famously went on a car chase with the police in 1994 before he was eventually acquitted over the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

The Twitter page Anonymous Operations shared a photoshopped image of Trump’s plane on the same highway Simpson used to evade police.

Twitter user Lynn shared another photoshopped image, this time showing Trump driving down a highway in a golf cart with police following him.

Founder of the open source investigation website Bellingcat and journalist Eliot Higgins joked that he was making fake pictures of Trump attempting to flee on foot from police.

Sharing some of the pictures, he captioned the Twitter thread: “Making pictures of Trump getting arrested while waiting for Trump’s arrest.”

Illustrator Michael Fleming also shared some images of an AI-generated Donald Trump in clown makeup and outfit being arrested.

The former president urged his supporters to protest over the weekend. In the message predicting his arrest, Trump told his supporters to “protest and take our nation back.”

Some of his supporters have shared their own photoshopped images showing their dedication to Trump and denounced his potential arrest.

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