Remember when “The World Was Not Enough” for MAGA? Well, MAGA is finally melting down and showing that not only can it not govern, it can’t even find a consensus or unity or the mens room, and in fact “The World Is Too Much” for them.

Every one of the major stars of MAGA are now attacking each other, calling each other out for a fight or just plain old not happy with the base’s lack of donations or money being raised. Here are some of the MAGA meltdown headlines.

From ‘BDE’ to Smears: Kari Lake Turns On DeSantis, Spreads Lie He’s Been Endorsed by George Soros

Haley says DeSantis didn’t go ‘far enough’ with ‘Don’t Say Gay’

Ann Coulter tells Nikki Haley to ‘go back to your own country’ in racist rant against new GOP presidential candidate

Tim Scott Weighs 2024 Run, Selling Unity to a Party Eager for a Fight

Why Conservative Parts of the U.S. Are So Angry

Even Graydon Carter got in on the act with his MAGAzine Trump takedown.

It’s fun watching this Qanon loving MAGA movement implode. It was never able to actually govern, and pretty much everyone knew it. These people were just mostly hicks from Hickville, playing the suckers for money and donations and gaining celebrity status within the base. Most of them came from po-white trash communities, trailer trash areas etc, and rose through the ranks by lying about where they lived by moving to other trailer trash communities and hanging out a for sale sign to the local party, etc. It is long past time for them to go. And when the day comes where their orange figure leader is finally dead and buried on a hill of McDonalds hamburgers, we’ll finally see the end of them as a party.

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