Yeah, like anyone thought the system wasn’t corrupt and was squeaky clean. Lindsey Graham just got a pass by SCOTUS Clarence Thomas to not testify in front of a Grand Jury over his role in election interference for Trump. Yes, the whole of the system is corrupt, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Graham pulled in some hole card he’d been holding on Thomas or his wife that said better protect me or I’ll spill the beans. You know how it is, those that commit the worst of crimes always get off scot fucking free.

Story below:

Justice Clarence Thomas, acting unilaterally on Monday, granted Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) request to temporarily shield the South Carolina Republican from testifying in probe of alleged pro-Trump election interference in Georgia.

The move comes after Graham on Friday filed an emergency request to Thomas, who handles matters arising from Georgia, and follows a ruling by a lower appeals court declining to halt Graham’s testimony before a Fulton County, Ga., special grand jury.


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