All DOJ has to do is indict them, it’s not hard to do. If it were you or Joe Average, you’d be indicted in a heartbeat if you took migrants across state lines, promising them that they would get jobs and have a better place to live. It’s the promising that counts, especially when all you were doing was lying to them to own the libs. So the better part for the DOJ is to put an end to using migrants as political fodder and start indicting these governors for federal crimes and then arresting them and putting them in jail on no bail bonds.

Story below:

Is enticing 50 undocumented immigrants under false pretenses to board airplanes with the promise of jobs and a better life, flying them across state lines to Martha’s Vineyard – a destination different from what they were told – with no advance warning to local officials, all on the taxpayers’ dime a crime?

That’s the question U.S. Dept. of Justice officials and the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, Rachel Rollins, are discussing.

“US Attny Rachael Rollins says ‘we’re looking into’ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard: ‘I don’t have enough information to answer’ if DeSantis broke the law, but is ‘hoping to get some input from DOJ about what our next steps might be, if any,’” reports Politico’s Lisa Kashinsky.

While the far right is falsely insisting residents of Martha’s Vineyard are infuriated that the immigrants are residing in their tiny town – Edgartown, where they walked several miles from the airport to, has a population of just 5168 people year round – people from across the Vineyard came out to volunteer.

So many, in fact, according to one resident, they had to turn away people who came out to help.

“Exploiting vulnerable people for political stunts is repulsive and cruel,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a statement, Politico adds. “Islanders and people across Massachusetts have joined together to assist migrants that have arrived. … This is something we can do — work together, remember our values, put aside the politics and support the people who need our help.”

GOP governors in tight re-election races have now transported thousands of undocumented immigrants into blue states, including New York and Massachusetts. Also this week Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bussed over 100 immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home, the United States Naval Observatory.

On Thursday California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking him to open a possible “RICO” and “kidnapping” investigation into GOP governors transporting thousands of migrants.


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