Big Daddy Kane had his first big hit  in 1987 when he did a rap single with Biz Markie, “Just Rhymin’ with Biz“.   He was soon headlining on his own music and the rest is history.

Kane sat down with host James Peterson to discuss everything from rappers he admires, to the presidential campaign, to Black Lives Matter.

Besides music Kane has acted in movies and has worked on a line of hip hop inspired fashion.  In the fall he will launch his own wine, a Cabernet-petit sirah called A. Monterio, taken from his real name, Anotonio Monterio Hardy.

Kane says that his long career is due to always being honest and real with his fans.  ” I didn’t give you what the record company thought you should see, I didn’t give you what the manger thought you should see.  I gave you what came from the heart.  You know, the heart always speaks the truth. ”

The interview took place at a Heineken Green Room Insider Session live event in Philadelphia. You can see a video of the full interview on YouTube at


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