Parade From Somerville to Cambridge Calls for $15 Minimum Wage, Peace, End to Racism and More

OCT 19, 2015 – HONK!, an organization that blends marching band music and activism together, holds a festival every year in Massachusetts calling for renewable energy, peace, an end to racism, better treatment of undocumented immigrants, a $15 federal minimum wage and more. Tubas, trombones and more march from Somerville to Cambridge, Massachusetts using music to get the community involved, even going by an immigration detention center and playing music outside as the immigrants inside flashed the lights on and off to signal they heard them. Read more on the 2015 10th Annual HONK! Music Festival on The Huntington News here, and their Facebook page is here if you want to see more pictures and connect. Below are clips from the parade from leftbankofthecharles on YouTube.  (photo credit: HONK!/Facebook)

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]


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