Activist-Musician Talks Monsanto and Feeling the Bern With Rolling Stone

OCT 15, 2015 – Dave Matthews has been not activist music for years, lending his time and music to Farm Aid along with Willie and the Gang. Matthews recently gave an interview to Dan Hyman of Rolling Stone, and in it Matthews talks about food and Monsanto saying, “There’s no doubt that companies like Monsanto are absolutely out to control the food of the planet…It’s a simple thing: If you control the food of everybody then you control everybody. There’s nothing that would make Dow or Monsanto happier than if everybody didn’t give a shit. What we’re fighting for is not only the health of our food but the health of our planet.” 

Matthews apparently is Feeling the Bern, for he had words of praise for the US Senator from Vermont currently running for President saying, “…when I hear someone like Bernie Sanders talking, I think there’s a hope. Someone could call me a socialist, and I’d say, ‘I wish I was a socialist.’ I should get a shirt that says, ‘Tax me! Tax the fuck out of me!’ At least we’re hearing more of a voice from him by having him out there and speaking in complete sentences rather than a bunch of slogans that don’t mean anything. So I feel like there’s hope as long as some people are speaking to the real problem in this country.” Read more of Dan Hyman’s interview of Dave Matthews on RS below.  (photo credit: Mark Jeremy/CC)

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