Music Collective Talks About Black Lives Matter Movement

OCT 6, 2015 – The music collective Wondaland chatted music, activism and the Black Lives Matter movement in a good piece by Nsenga Burton on HuffPo at the Centennial Park community event in Atlanta, Georgia recently. Wondaland member Roman GianArthur, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, told HuffPo, “We don’t approach social justice as celebrities or artists, we approach these issues as human beings first and foremost. For us, it’s a natural thing to do.” Read more on HuffPo. Watch Janelle Monae, who launched the music collective, in a GMA video below where at the 15 minute mark they cut her off when she starts talking about police brutality, the Black Lives Matter Movement and says “We will not be silenced!” They are also “secretly touring” and you can get invites by going here.

[youtube width=”420″ height=”237″][/youtube]


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