Band Tweets That Law Is Thinly Disguised Legal Discrimination


March 30, 2015 – The band Wilco, in response to the Indiana state assembly passing the “license to discriminate” SB 101 law, announced that they are canceling the May 5th concert in Indiana, but Tweeted that they “hope to get back to the Hoosier state when this odious measure is repealed”. They are refunding all ticket purchases. JTMP supports Wilco in this, and calls on all musicians and bands to boycott Indiana until this odious and “license to discriminate” against members of our LGBT community is totally repealed, “root and branch” to quote that nutbag Michelle Bachmann. This SB 101 is totally unacceptable. Please support Wilco for this brave decision by visiting their Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, check out Justice Through Music’s Facebook Page here.  (Photo Credit: Austin Nelson / CC)



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