Activist-Singer Says It’s On Us to Stop It

FEB 10, 2015 – If you watched the Grammys the other night you saw a courageous woman, Brooke Axtell, come out and tell her story of overcoming and leaving domestic abuse, and together with Katy Perry shined a light on domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking hoping to give courage to all the other women and men who are facing abuse to leave them and get away from the abuse. Her message is clear: You cannot fix them even though you think you can. The abusers use your sympathy against you. GET AWAY FROM THEM. Here is the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website that has a “Safe Exit” button where you can leave the website easily if the abuser might walk up on you. President Obama also delivered a 1 minute video message announcing the “It’s On Us” campaign, a campaign and website working to stop sexual assaults against women and men, which unfortunately occurs way too often. Katy Perry then came out and sang “By the Grace of God” with stunning shadow dancing effects in back of her. Watch Katy Perry sing at the Grammys below.

Check out Brooke Axtell’s website HERE, which has links to many media stories about her incredible “performance” at the Grammys, with links to resources to help learn about and get away from domestic violence and sexual assault. Remember: It’s On Us to stop it. Check out the It’s On Us website here, and use the hashtag #spread_the_word to spread the word that we are not going to stand for sexual assaults, domestic abuse, or human trafficking anymore, and we will intervene if necessary. Go to their website and take the Pledge to keep women and men safe from sexual assaults, and to not be a bystander, but be part of the solution.

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