Musician, Activist and Spinal Doctor “Dr. Dan” Wants to Save Blues Musicians

FEB 15, 2015 – With the deadline to enroll in Obamacare here, there are hundreds of events all over the country this weekend to get people who haven’t enrolled in Obamacare signed up for some kind of health insurance at the last minute. You know how many people are, they leave things to the last minute. The HHS had to resolve a last-minute “income verification glitch” on the website, but things are rolling again and the HHS says the system is up 99.9% of the time even during maintenance. It is predicted that  millions will sign up at the last minute assuring they have some form of health insurance, be it Medicaid, Medicare, a subsidized plan, or if you can afford it a policy with one of the health insurance providers on your state’s healthcare exchange website. If you live in a Teabagger state where they rejected the Medicaid expansion funds and set up no state healthcare exchange, you can go through the federal healthcare exchange and pick a company and policy that fits you there. Many are finding out is is only $20-60 a month for a good policy.

This morning I read on in a story by William Spain about a Chicago blues musician, Daniel Ivankovich, or “Dr. Dan” (pictured right, he is also a spinal doctor!), that has formed a non-profit called One Patient Global Health Initiative and has personally made it his mission to try and “save the Chicago Blues musicians” by helping them navigate the healthcare exchanges and enroll in a plan to not only meet the deadline, but he also wants them to get healthy and take advantage of preventative care and not wait until they are sick. Born in Yugoslavia and coming to America at age 5, Daniel grew up on the Chicago Blues, and realizes how important these musicians are to the city, and even remarks that for all the tourism and revenue they generate for the city of Chicago they receive very little in return. Daniel is a co-founder, guitarist and vocalist of the Chicago Blues All-Stars Band, and he tells of how most of the blues musicians have no or very little health insurance and they eat greasy, fatty foods, smoke, drink and never go to the doctor until they get sick. Dr. Dan wants to change all that, and pushes them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, get health insurance, and use preventative care to remain healthy so they can live a long life and bring us as much of that Chicago Blues music to us as they can. Daniel has also earned the “2010 Chicagoan of the Year Award”, watch a short YouTube video by Chicago Magazine below.

Check out the write-up on Dr. Dan on here, and also visit Dr. Dan’s One Patient Global Health Initiative website to lean about their amazing work of “providing resources for accessible healthcare in underserved populations without discrimination and regardless of ability to pay”. Their website can be found here: and their Facebook Page is HERE(photo credits:,

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