Photo credit: DCLibrary.org
Photo credit: DCLibrary.org

OCT 1, 2014 – In order to collect, preserve and to provide access for citizens to primary source materials that document the local punk rock history unique to DC, the DC Library has established a Special Collections to gather artifacts, documents, recordings and more. Local activist James Schneider has been the catalyst to get this baby rolling, and his documentary Punk The Capital helped raise awareness of the unique local punk rock history here in DC. (Watch the Trailer Below) The DC Library has been working on this project with James and others for over a year, and much of the material will be available through a digital portal on the DC Library website. The DC Library website is already great for eBooks and more using Overdrive Media Console, and this just adds to to what you can learn and do at the local library! Plus…the book and music is FREE! (Well you pay taxes for them but you know what I mean)

They have received tons of artifacts, such as photographs, vinyl records, film footage, oral histories and more from local musicians and citizens. Read all bout the DC Library Punk Rock Archive Special Collection on the DC Library website HERE.



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